Client Services

We provide a safe and comfortable environment to confirm a woman’s pregnancy and discuss all of her options so she can make an informed decision about the future of her pregnancy.  We do not make referrals for abortion.

Our purpose is to support, encourage, and assist a woman in carrying her pregnancy to term and caring for her baby after birth. We also support improved pregnancy outcomes, family stability and economic self-sufficiency.

All our services are free, confidential and non-judgmental.

Birthline does not refer for abortions under any circumstance.  The programs in place seek to empower women by ensuring they have the support and resources they need to bring their child to term, rather than feel abortion is their only option.

Many clients considering abortion as an option share that economic reasons, lack of material goods, limited emotional support and fears concerning their ability to achieve already established goals are what forces them to seek this option.  Birthline works to address all these obstacles, particularly through the STEPPING STONES program.  All programs and services are approached in a way that safeguards the dignity of the individual parent, while advocating for the life of the unborn child.

We directly provide:

  • Pregnancy tests, prenatal education and vitamins
  • Decision-making support and adoption agency referrals
  • Doula services for women during labor
  • Necessary supplies for adults and babies
  • Education, including childbirth education, parenting, nutrition and health, breastfeeding, life-skills, infant safety, father’s rights and responsibilities, and more.
  • Post-abortion support

We also provide accurate information on, referral to, and assistance with securing additional necessary services that enable women to carry their pregnancies to term and care for their babies after birth.  These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Nutrition Services
  • Housing Assistance
  • Adoption Services
  • Education and Employment Assistance, including services that support the continuation and completion of high school
  • Childcare Assistance to enable opportunities to work and/or attend school.
  • Parenting Education and Support Services
  • Abstinence Education

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