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At 20 years old, Kelsie came to Birthline in desperation.  Untrusting, scared and very angry she found herself alone and uncertain of what to do.  You see, at age 15, her mother’s poor relationship decisions landed them in a homeless shelter where Kelsie was physically and sexually abused, and then ultimately sex trafficked.  Now, pregnant and in her own broken relationship, Kelsie turned to Birthline for that safe, confidential place she could trust.  We are pleased to say she made the decision to raise her baby.  By participating in the Stepping Stones program and one-to-one relationship coaching, Kelsie now has her driver’s license, is working on her GED, and preparing to parent.  With our help, she has begun healing from her past and is looking forward to giving birth!   





"Birthline helped me become a better father to my little girl.  I took classes on parenting, and I also learned how to deal with the ups and downs in life.  Every man should come to these classes and 'man-up' about becoming a dad."      





A teen mother, 12 weeks pregnant, felt the weight of the world on her shoulders as she faced the reality of her unplanned pregnancy. She came to Birthline for help sorting through her options. Her own family and the fathers’ family have different beliefs and come from very different socio-economic backgrounds. She is facing pressure from both sides - one to parent and the other to place the baby for adoption. Staff and volunteers at Birthline have helped her learn more about the decision-making process so she can confidently choose her next steps. She is ready to meet with an adoption counselor to learn how that choice might fit into her life. Birthline will continue to offer support as she goes through this journey.

When we found out my wife was pregnant, our debt was threatening our living situation, neither of us knew how to care for a baby and I was abusing alcohol.  Through Birthline's financial management class, we received one to one guidance on how to create and follow a budget which led to us keeping our apartment.  Volunteers and staff taught us how to hold, bathe and care for a baby's basic needs and I was held accountable to journaling about my alcohol use in an effort to create healthy habits.  I have learned how my choices during alcohol use affected my wife.  We are so grateful for Birthline; we were just loved unconditionally and encouraged to make positive choices for our family.

*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of our client 

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